Chronograph Moving Gears Wall Clock (Gold)

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Inspired by the old chronography stop watch this beautifully crafted wall clock puts the popular in mechanics. The unpolished look provides a neutral aesthetic, while the visible inner mechanisms and cut out details provide visual interest.The frame is made of pure metal with an antique powder coated metal finish. This Skeleton Clock has an exposed gear movement, thus you are able to view the "skeleton" of the movement in the clock Exposed gears rotate to fuel the rhythm of the clock's slender black hands. Round piece of glass marked with just the necessary increments of time, protects the design of the cogs. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included).



  • exposed 3D moving mechanism – engaging and unique
  • Industrial powder coated metal finish
  • takes 3 AA batteries not included
  • gears and clock work on separate batteries so you can work one without the other


(No reviews yet) Write a Review